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How to Buy Bitcoins and other Crypto

Recommended Popular CryptoCurrencies wallet

  • for Windows / MacOS / Phone App Wallet
  • for Windows / MacOS / Phone App
  • for online web-based wallet
    you can create the wallet in under 3 minutes, both required you nothing
    unlike some other wallets, they have no minimum sending limit, customizable transaction fees

as current BTC and ETH network fees are high now
it's highly recommended you use Litecoin (LTC) or Solana (SOL) for low transaction fees (> $0.01) and fast confirms speed

some Wallets may have in-built crypto purchase
but usually would recommend you buy from other places
for recommendations please check below

  • Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

  • Buy Bitcoins with Paypal or CashApp

  • Forum Exchange
    if you do some research
    you will be able to easily find people who do currency conversion on the forums
    just remember only deal with people who have high reps